Meet a Monster: Sirens

My current WIP, titled#JanuaryWIP (working title, and I’m lazy and I’m horrible at coming up with proper titles) deals with sirens. Like most fantasy fans, I already knew a thing or two about sirens. They’re usually female, lived on an island and lured sailors to their death by singing haunting songs. But what’s in a name? Half-Birds, Not Mermaids Perhaps […]

WordPress Tips: File Permissions

WordPress file permissions are regarded as a necessary evil by some bloggers. It’s always something – if your permissions aren’t correct, then your content becomes unwritable in the WordPress editor, or you can’t add permalinks to your .htaccess file without having to tweak it manually, or you can’t install plugins or themes. So, some people just put all their file […]

Clean Reader App: Hell To The No

If you’re an author/reader and you haven’t suddenly disappeared for the last few days, then you’ve probably heard all about the Clean Reader App. If you haven’t, well the Dailymail wrote an article about it, explaining why the creators came up with the idea, and what the app does. But I’ll summarize it for you. The app censors out curse […]

Haunted Dolls: Robert the Doll

If you thought Annabelle was scary, wait until you read about Robert the Doll. The name might sound innocent enough, but this doll brings scary to a whole new level. It was the late 1800s when the Ottos moved into a mansion in Key West, Florida. The house is now known as “The Artist House”. The story begins when Mrs. […]

5 Scary Movies featuring Dolls

I’m a huge horror movie fan. I tend to freak out whenever something disgusting comes on screen, or whenever the music picks up and I know something is about to happen, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love scary movies. I’ve watched more horror movies than any other genre. Some horror movies rely heavily on blood and gore for the […]

The Island of Dolls: A Nightmare Come True

Dolls can be scary. They have beady eyes that follow your every move. Sometimes they’ve switched poses when you return to a room. Or they just have creepy scare, and they’re plastic or porcelain yet they look so human. If you’re scared of dolls, then imagine a whole island filled with them. Yep, that’s what La Isla de las Munecas […]

Haunted Dolls: Annabelle, A Creepy Raggedy Ann Doll

In a series of articles, I’m going to talk about haunted dolls. When I was a kid, I loved playing with dolls. But some dolls…well, they’re just plain creepy. The first doll we’re going to discuss in this series, is Annabelle, who played a small part in the hit horror movie “The Conjuring”, which released in cinemas last year. She […]

The Curse of Insta-Love

I’m sure most people know by now what insta-love is, but for those of you not so at home in the world of YA books, from which the term originated, insta-love is when two characters fall in love the moment they meet. I’m not just talking about attraction here. It’s plausible two people meet each other and immediately feel attracted […]

10 Publisher Red Flags

No two publishers are the same. What works for you, might not work for others. If you’re happy with an eBook only, then you can go for an eBook publisher. People who want nothing more than to hold a print copy of their book in their hands, are perhaps better off looking for a print and eBook publisher. If your […]

10 Steps to Writing a Successful Query Letter

Querying is not for the faint of heart. Contrary to popular belief, most authors find writing a query letter harder than writing an entire manuscript. I’m right there with them. There’s nothing as mindblowing as having to narrow down your entire storyline until you’ve found what’s truly important, and then putting it in two or three paragraphs. In this post, […]