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It’s November already?

October really flew by. I miss October. It’s one of my favorite months, with summer making room for autumn, the leaves changing color, wind picking up, Halloween just around the corner. We’re not that big on Halloween here in Europe, but heck, I’ll take any excuse to watch a good horror movie. The truth is, October passed by so fast […]

I won NaNoWriMo (with a few days to spare)

I was going to wait to blog about this until Monday, but what the heck. Last night, at around midnight, I won NaNoWriMo. It feels awesome. The story I’ve been working on this month has been begging me to write it down for months, and now I’m finally (almost) there. The 50k mark is behind me, which usually is a […]

Monday Musings #22

Each Monday, I recap the writing-related events of the last week and talk about them on my blog. Editing. Edits are finished for “House of Horrors”. I’m still waiting on the edits for “Fright Train”, but I’m glad I didn’t have to rush through all of them in one week! Formatting. Formatting is done for eBook and print versions of […]

Monday Musings #21

Each Monday, I recap the writing-related events of the last week and talk about them on my blog. NaNoWriMo. I’m at 26k in my NaNoWriMo manuscript. The goal is to reach 30k today, and 45k by the end of the week. I want to go beyond the 50k minimum limit, and write a full novel. It’s YA paranormal romance, and […]

Monthly Goals November 2013

Each month, I write down my writing-related goals and share them with the world, in an effort to achieve more of these goals. Here are the goals I wanted to achieve for October. The goals I reached are scratched through. Write guest posts for “Valentina and the Haunted Mansion” tour, which runs from October 1st to November 1st. Visit the […]

Monthly Goals April 2013

This month I’m going to take things a bit slower, mostly because I’ll be focusing on catching up with school work during the easter holiday and studying for my driver’s license. So that’ll be two weeks where studying and driver’s license is a priority, and well, they’ll probably stay my priority for the rest of the month. I’m participating in […]

NaNoWriMo Progress #3: I won!

This is the fastest NaNoWriMo win for me EVER. Hah. Most years I tend to forget about NaNo until half way through, or I do participate but end up with only half a plot and zero inspiration, and finish nowhere. I was pretty proud when I won Camp NaNoWriMo this year in June, but I’m even more proud this time […]