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Monday Musings #38

The last time I did a Monday Musings post was back in March. Yes, MARCH. But anyway, I’m back, and ready to get this party started. In an ideal world, I’ll do this type of post every Monday (or almost every Monday) for the next year. Will I succeed? God knows, but I’ll try. Monday Musings is basically a post […]

Monday Musings #37

I’ve been a bad blogger. I know, I know. I haven’t updated my blog regulary and as such, avoided my bloggery duties. But I’m back with an update. I finished Ghostslayer. Remember Ghostslayer, my perpetual WIP that I’ve been working on for two years? It is done. Finished. THE END. (Let’s not talk about how I’m already outlining the sequel) […]

Monday Musings #36

I haven’t been doing well keeping up with my goals this month. I had a holiday last week, and instead of getting productive, I was lazy and didn’t do all the writing-related things I had planned. I did manage to visit family and friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, so I did do something…just not writing. So I’m […]

Monday Musings #35

Last month, I set myself some pretty steep goals, such as writing a novel (first draft) in a month, finishing up my proofreading projects, starting out on a weekly newsletter for on my book review blog,  blogging three times a week on here, writing 4 short stories, and then working on a first draft of a second novel, up to […]

Monday Musings #34

I did it! I finished my manuscript! I’m so HAPPY. One of my goals this year was to write a book a month (first draft, of course). Well, it’s January 25 and I’ve just finished my manuscript! With one week to spare. Pop the champagne, everyone. 🙂 Also, here’s another look at last week’s goals, to see how I did […]

Monday Musings #33

Every week, I take a look at my goals for last week (which ones did I reach, which ones I didn’t) and establish some goals for the next week. Here are last week’s goals.Goals that have been scratched through are the ones I finished last week. Write a post on Monday (this one), Wednesday and Friday for on this blog. […]

Monday Musings #32

In last week’s Monday Musings, I wrote down my goals for the week. Below is my profress on progress on those goals. Items scratched through are the ones I completely. Write a post on Monday (this one), Wednesday and Friday for on my blog. Send out my monthly newsletter. Write 10k in my current WIP (called JanWIP for lack of […]

Monday Musings #31

It’s been a while since I set up  Monday Musings! I used to recap all the events of the past week each Monday, but I quit doing that in 2014. Since it helped me keep track of things, I decided to give this old habit a new try. I didn’t spend a lot of time writing last week, but I […]

Monday Musings #30

Each Monday, I recap all the events of the past week. Editing. I have two more chapters to edit for “Drowning in Fear” before I can send it in. My hectic uni schedule was a real bummer for this one, and put me back several days. No time to write. I haven’t had any time to write, except for a […]

Monday Musings #29

Each Monday, I recap all the events of the past week. Drafting. I’m at 14k in my YA novella “The Gatekeeper“. I hope to fnish the novella by the end of the week. I’m still studying like crazy, so it’ll be quite hectic. At this point, I think it’ll end up being 16-20k words. Editing. Still working on edits for […]