A Reading Reflection

I cross-posted this on December 30, 2016 on I Heart Yearly Reads, the blog where I keep track of the books I’ve read and reviewed over the years. Today I wanted to reflect on my reading habits ever since I started my blog, I Heart Reading, and how (and if) they changed since I started reviewing. I started my blog […]

I Heart Designs

I recently revamped a website for my book cover design services, I Heart Designs. My previous design was okay, but it lacked a certain flexibility and the font wasn’t always easy to read. The revamp took about a week (more work than all my other websites combined) but I’m glad with the way it looks now. I took some screenshots […]

A Story of Bad Luck

Not exactly a story, as in, it’s not made up. This is what happened to me on Friday – a great example of how much bad luck one person can have in one day. First of all, I had an exam for university on Friday. Not exactly my favorite subject, either, and the weather report predicted soaring temperatures, so I […]

Clean Reader App: Hell To The No

If you’re an author/reader and you haven’t suddenly disappeared for the last few days, then you’ve probably heard all about the Clean Reader App. If you haven’t, well the Dailymail wrote an article about it, explaining why the creators came up with the idea, and what the app does. But I’ll summarize it for you. The app censors out curse […]

What I Accomplished in 2014

I posted my resolutions for the new year yesterday, and then I started to feel bad because I hadn’t accomplished as much as I had hoped in 2014. This made me mad though – I mean, I’d accomplished plenty of things, but nevertheless, it didn’t feel like enough. So I decided to write down the things I did accomplish – […]