Welcome to Weirdville: The Doll Maker

Welcome to Weirdville, the scariest town on earth. Something ancient and evil is lurking in the shadows of this quaint, little town, and every now and then it comes out to play… A new doll shop has opened up in town, but nobody seems to know when exactly the small shop opened its doors. The interior is a little worn, […]

10 Publisher Red Flags

No two publishers are the same. What works for you, might not work for others. If you’re happy with an eBook only, then you can go for an eBook publisher. People who want nothing more than to hold a print copy of their book in their hands, are perhaps better off looking for a print and eBook publisher. If your […]

10 Steps to Writing a Successful Query Letter

Querying is not for the faint of heart. Contrary to popular belief, most authors find writing a query letter harder than writing an entire manuscript. I’m right there with them. There’s nothing as mindblowing as having to narrow down your entire storyline until you’ve found what’s truly important, and then putting it in two or three paragraphs. In this post, […]