Author Interview with Asher Tensei

Today I’m hosting an interview with author Asher Tensei, debut author of Mana, a YA fantasy novel. I’m very glad to host this author on my blog! The Interview 1) What inspired you to start writing? Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that my number one source of Inspiration at the time was the Twilight Saga. I knew that I […]

Author Interview with January Bain

Hey, everyone. Today I’m hosting an author interview with January Bain, debut author of FOREVER MAN, a paranormal romance novel. In the interview, M: stands for everything I said, and J: is for everything January said. The Interview M: Hey January! Thanks for coming on my blog and answering my questions! J: May I say how lovely it is to […]

Author Interview with Law Reigns

I’m hosting fellow author Law Reigns on my blog today. Law Reigns is the author of new adult fantasy novel, Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. The Interview 1)      When did you decide you wanted to become a writer and why? Nothing is better than the game of plotting. Starting out with the bare bones of a story, running it over and […]

Monday Musings #6

Every Monday, I post a quick recap of last week’s events on my blog. CampNaNo. I started on my Camp NaNo project, tentatively titled “Evermore”. I’ve only managed to finish the first chapter by now, and I’m at 4k words. But it’s a start. Even if I don’t win CampNaNo, although I’ll try to, I’ll at least have written something. […]

Author Interview with Spencer Phelps

Today I’m hosting an interview with Spencer Phelps, the author of Perpetuating The Species, a humorous fiction novel. 1)      When did you know you wanted to become a writer? I’ve always thought I’ve got something more to offer the world than just manual labor. After I discovered I suck at pretty much every other form of entertainment, I figured out […]

August Goals

Well, guess what? It’s August. July has really flown by, and that means it’s time to make a new set of goals for the next month. I didn’t meet the goals for July at all, and August will be about five times as busy, but here goes nothing. Here are some totally writing-unrelated goals: Get my driver’s license. Study for […]

Reaching 50k words in WIP Ghostslayer

I’m happy. Not only because I don’t have school – which is, awesome, by the way – but also because I managed to reach the big 50k on Ghostslayer, my current WIP. Ghostslayer is a bit of an odd ball. I started writing the manuscript because I had a random idea – and then got stuck at around 5k. I […]

Review Copy Drama

Last weekend was a “constructive” weekend in the llama drama hermosophere. While I usually tend to enjoy my fair share of drama every week – bring out the popcorn – these last cases of WTFery are so extreme they have me hitting my head against a wall. First, it starts with the website Stop The Goodreads Bullies, which is run […]

Monday Musings #5

Every Monday, I post a recap of last week’s events on the blog. Writing. I reached 42k in Ghostslayer, which meant I wrote roughly 7k last week. The second chapter is now with my critique partner, and I’m editing the first chapters as I work on the last ones. I haven’t managed to write anything else in my other WIPs. […]