Real Haunted Houses: Crenshaw House

Real Haunted Houses: Crenshaw House

Real Haunted Houses

Crenshaw House is a historic residence in Equality Township, Gallatin County, Illinois. Constructed in the 1830s, it was the family home of John Crenshaw, his wife and five children.

John Crenshaw leased salt works owned by the state. He was allowed, as per the law in force at the time, to use slaves at the salt works since apparently “no free men wanted to do this” as the job was so harsh. Either way, due to this caveat in the law, Crenshaw at one point owned (and I use the word loosely here) over 700 slaves.

Needless to say, Crenshaw was a wealthy man and he used this fortune to build Crenshaw House. It was constructed in classic Greek style with large columns and a balcony. Abraham Lincoln even visited the house once, during a ball. However, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

Crenshaw, being extremely greedy although having already amassed a vast fortune, decided to use his mansion as a “station” on the Reverse Underground Railroad that transported escape slaves and kidnapped free men and woman to sell them as slaves in the slave states. The third floor of the house, the attic flour, houses 12 rooms that were reportedly used by Crenshaw as a slave jail.

This isn’t just speculation, by the way, because Crenshaw actually got convicted of this offense multiple times in the 1820s and 1840s.

The kidnappings and terrible fates people suffered in the attic of Crenshaw House is the reason why today it is considered  as haunted. The house was open to the public for quite some time and visitors have reportedly heard cries, rattling of chains, or felt cold chills or feelings of immense sadness.

Unfortunately, the house is currently closed to the public. Hopefully, one day it will reopen again and share its secrets with the world.

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