Crafting: Disney Princess String Art Cinderella

Crafting: Disney Princess String Art Cinderella

Time Required: 30 min – 1 hour
Difficulty: Hard
Review of kit: 1 out of 5 stars

I purchased this Disney Princess String Art kit (which also doubles as a night-light) with the intention of using it to decorate Seraphyn’s room. I bought it for like 1 EUR so it was very cheap. However, online you can buy the same kit for 15 and sometimes even 20 EUR.

The backside of the box showed its contents: string in two colours, stickers, decoration, a battery holder and of course, the frame to put the string art on featuring a drawing of Cinderella.

The string art process wasn’t explained at all, so I improvised but I didn’t think it was that easy. As per the box (as you can see above), apparently children age 4+ can do this, but I beg to differ. I really struggled with all the strings, especially without proper explanation.

Plus, you couldn’t push the pins in too deep since you still had to criss-cross the electrical wire through the string art, which didn’t exactly make things easier.

After finalizing the string art, it was just a matter of adding the stickers and other decorations, and tada.

I have to say I’m glad I’m done with this project, but I’m not impressed either. I bought it very cheap, so I can’t complain that much (what can you pay nowadays for 1 EUR?) but for people who paid 15 EUR for this…The material is subpar, there’s not even a frame, and if you want to hang this decoration somewhere, you definitely need a frame for it. The instructions are totally unclear as well.

My recommendation? Don’t buy this at full price, and don’t buy it for kids. There are a lot of other crafty kits out there that offer far more value for money.

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