Urban Legends Investigated: The 1962 Halloween Massacre

A picture has been distributed all across the internet showing a bunch of dressed-up partygoers allegedly during a Halloween costume party in 1962. The picture shows how terrifying costumes were back in the day, but it has also a more depressing backstory – at least, according to the urban legend.

The Story

The man in the black mask, featured on the picture, presumably locked all the doors from the outside and then tried to kill all the people in the party. He ended up killing 7 people using a kitchen knife.

He was never found, but the mask he wore was found a few years later, in 1969, and is currently in FBI custody.

The Reality

No murders were reported across the U.S. on Halloween of 1962 that match the details written underneath the picture. Additionally, the story has more plotholes than sentences: if the killer locked the doors from the outside, how would he be able to get back in?

And why did he only kill 7 people? Since he was never caught, there would not be anyone around to subdue him, right?

Plus, how would the FBI be able to confirm 7 years after the date that the black mask – which seems to be a rather ordinary mask – was the one worn by this perpetrator, if the perpetrator himself was never caught?

The Verdict

The story is a hoax, but it does go to show how creepy Halloween costumes were back in the sixties.

Urban Legends Investigated

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