Sims 4 Lots: Two-Story Cottage

This adorable two-story Medieval-style cottage has it all: stonework, a roof shaped like a tower, a quirky yard with flowers. It could be the ideal home for a grandmother, a young couple trying to enjoy country life, a budding witch, or just about any type of Sim your imagination can conjure up. It has one double bedroom, so it’s perfect […]

Real Haunted Houses: Old Shelby Hotel

Built in 1863, the Old Shelby Hotel, formerly known as the Dannemora Hotel was located next to the Shelby Iron Works. The hotel was a popular weekend destination for the public, but the employees of the Iron Works also used it as a boarding house. It was the first hotel in Alabama that could offer electricity and internal plumbing to […]

Sims 4 Lots: Blue Cottage (no cc)

This small cottage for two Sims has a small yard, and features only one floor. While it is relatively small, it’s cozy and has an adorable front porch with some decorative plants and a bench. A view of the house from the other side. The garden is quite small but there’s room for a swing or a playset.   An […]

Urban Legends Investigated: The Bleeding House

You would think, judging by the title of this post, that the Bleeding House is just another myth or urban legend. Because let’s be honest here: there’s no posisble way a house could actually be bleeding from its walls, right? Even if a gory murder was committed inside the property, at most you’d find blood splatter colouring the walls, but […]

Sims 4 Lots: Victorian House (no cc)

This family home with room for five Sims has a small yard but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with lots of greenery and plants. There is a porch at the front and side. View from the back of the house. There is a bay window in the kitchen and the porch next to the kitchen allows […]

Movie Review: Countdown

Countdown is actually a rather fun horror movie, with an unique spin on an all-too-familiar story. At a party, a bunch of teenagers downloads an app called “Countdown”. This app supposedly predicts when the user will die. While most of the teens at the party get fifty years or more on their countdown, Courtney only gets a few hours to […]

Haunted Dolls: Okiku

While most stories of Haunted Dolls we have featured so far in this series originate from the United States, today’s story comes from the other corner of the world: Japan. As the story goes, this doll was bought by a 17-year-old boy called Eikichi Suzuki in 1918. He intended to give the doll to his 2-year-old sister, who was called […]