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Sims 4 Must-Have Mods for Storytellers: Wicked Whims

Sims 4 Must-Have Mods for Storytellers: Wicked Whims

If you like storystelling using the medium of the Sims 4, like I do (check out my blogs here and here for ongoing stories), then you might need some mods to help you enhance your storytelling.

One of my recommended must-have mods for storytellers is Wicked Whims. Please note that this mod is 18+ and should not be used for children below that age.

While Wicked Whims has a variety of uses that are strictly for adults – in short, let’s say that Wicked Whims makes WooHoo a lot more realistic – some of the interactions it creates between Sims can also help with your storytelling.

  • Sims no longer need to have a high relationship in order to share in the Wicked Whims interactions. You don’t need to go through endless flirting behaviour in order to have your Sims kiss, make out, or more.
  • The mod adds a lot of new interactions to your game, and when using them, you can put your Sims in rather compromising positions, but you can also use it to capture more realistic kissing scenes or make-out scenes for your Sims that are just not available without this mod. If you want your Sims to snuggle on the couch, or one Sim to jump in another Sim’s arms, etc. then you can either use poses, or use this mod.
  • Even if you’re not just in it for the storytelling, this mod also adds a lot of additional information concerning relationships. It adds attractiveness, which can make your Sims spot attractive sims in the area – something which I’ve always found lacking in the regular Sims gameplay, because there’s no way to determine what your Sim finds attractive, and thus they could end up flirting with the ugliest Sim in the game and be just as engaged as they would be if they were flirting with the hottest Sim around. This fixes that. Every Sim has their own attractiveness preferences, which you can adapt and change.
  • This mod also adds some more nudity options that can also be useful, allowing your Sims to take off one clothing item at a time, and allowing you to change Sim underwear for any base outfit.
  • The mod also adds Sims personality archetypes, like Hero, Lover, Everyman, and so on, which add an additional layer of storytelling and interactions to your Sims game.


With all these features, the mod can certainly enhance your gameplay and your Sims 4 storytelling, but keep in mind (once again) that it is for adults only.

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