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Sims 4 Must-Have Mods for Storytellers: MC Command Center

Sims 4 Must-Have Mods for Storytellers: MC Command Center


If you like storystelling using the medium of the Sims 4, like I do (check out my blogs here and here for ongoing stories), then you might need some mods to help you enhance your storytelling.

One of my recommended must-have mods for storytellers is the MC Command Center for the Sims 4.

If you need more control over your Sims, then the MC Command Center Mod is perfect for you. It allows you to:


  • Enable some cheats, like increasing skills of a particular Sim, making a Sim happy (which basically means setting all their bars to green), make them top level at magic or being a vampire, and so on. This is perfect for storytellers: imagine you have a well-practiced witch in your story, but you don’t want to go through all the hassle of levelling up the skills of your resident Sims witch, then this can be really useful.
  • Change clothing items of townies. One of the most annoying things when you’re telling a story with your Sims, is if you’re going out to a location and all the townies around – who are meant to serve as background for your pictures – are dressed up strangely. It immediately breaks immersion. MC Command Center allows you to fix this, and blacklist / whitelist certain items of clothing.
  • Easily change clothing of your playable Sims. MC Command Center also allows you to easily change the outfits of your playable Sims, and to access the MC CAS center so you can select new outfits. If your story runs over multiple days, then it’s natural you’ll need your main Sims’ outfits to change too, and this is really useful.
  • With the MC Control module, which can be added to MC Command Center, you can control NPC Sims. The commands are a bit limited, but they’re still very useful for storytelling!


In short, if you want to write some stories featuring your Sims, or you want to give your Sims 4 game some more background and add layers of intrigue between your various characters, then I highly recommend the MC Command Center Mod to get more control over your Sims.

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