Sims 4

Sims 4: Modern Tiny House (no cc)

This Modern Tiny House is perfect for a couple or a single Sim. It has room for a car, there’s a swimming pool, and a minimum of flowers that give the garden a modern, contemporary look. The house is tiny but doesn’t feel so small, because it has a lot of windows that let in natural light.

The back yard has a large terrace, with a swimming pool attached to it, room for some garden furniture and a few flowers that fit with the contemporary style of the building.

The downstairs exists of a living room / dining area, with a small space for a desk, and a large (well, for the size of this house), L-shaped kitchen. The back wall of the kitchen is covered in glass, which makes it look more spacious. A double door leads from the kitchen to the terrace. The bathroom is also downstairs, and looks sleek and modern like the rest of the house. The color used throughout is black, but with some flashy other colors mixed in: orange/red for the downstairs and green/yellow for the upstairs floor.

The upstairs features a loft-style bedroom with double bed, and a small washing room. As you can see from the top view, the kitchen has a glass roof to make it look more spacious.

Here are some close-up pictures showing the details of the house:

Value: 35.387 Simoleans

Lot size: 20 x 15


Uses the following packs:


How to install:

  • Download here or search for my ID on the Gallery: ETERNALISED and download from there.
  • Use bb.moveobjects on before adding your lot.

Have fun!

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