Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals March

Time flies. Literally, sometimes. I have no idea what happens to January or February, but the months were quite productive. I finished a lot a few short stories, submitted three novellas (wow!), submitted the first part of my dragon book, edited The Wolf of the Baskervilles, and probably did a lot more that I’m forgetting now.

I also remembered that I forgot to write a monthly goals post last month. Oops.

So, I’m making it up to you now by sharing my goals for March (and here’s hoping I reach all or most of them… But I already completed some!)

  • Rewrite first 10-15k words of my dystopian / apocalyptic novel, Gods of Vengeance and Blood.
  • Finish the third novella in The Mark of the Red God series, and submit it for the anthology Forbidden Magic.
  • Edit story for the Mythica anthology (fantastic creatures) that I’m participating in.
  • Go through final edits for The Wolf of the Baskervilles, the third book in The Adventures of Marisol Holmes series.
  • Release week for The Wolf of the Baskervilles, work on guest posts, contact bloggers, social media, and so on.
  • Prepare for release of Hidden Magic, the first anthology in a series of three anthologies. We have almost 400 pre-orders for this box set!
  • Submit Ghost Slayer for the free reads box set for Fire Quill Publishing.
  • Write and submit story to the short story collection for Harvest.
  • Write 10-15k words for the steampunk anthology I’m also participating in.
  • Edit Gods of Vengeance and Blood.
  • Go through edits for Forbidden Magic.
  • Edit story for the steampunk anthology.
  • Finish writing my story for A Princess for a Day anthology.
  • Edit story for A Princess for a Day anthology and submit it.
  • Write and submit story for Drowning Lands charity anthology I was invited to submit to.
  • Finish story Long May She Reign for the fae anthology I’m participating in.
  • Edit Long May She Reign and submit it to the fae anthology.
  • Set up A Monstrous Beauty for pre-order (two months from next book for pre-order).
  • Ask font designer to work on font for cover A Monstrous Beauty.
  • Finish work with cover design on the cover for The Soul Thief (re-release).
  • Rewrite second part of Symphony of the Departed, the first book in the Allegro Academy series.
  • Set-up for pre-order Symphony of the Departed.
  • Publish monthly newsletter.
  • Check out marketing course I found, and see if this can be implemented for release of upcoming books.

Phew, a lot of goals again! What are your goals for this month?

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