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New Box Set Release: Kingdom of Thorns and Dreams

I submitted a story to the Kingdom of Thorns and Dreams Box Set that releases today, a collection of Sleeping Beauty retellings!

Purchase the box set from Amazon for just $4.38!

My novel, Princess of Dreams, features a young spaceship captain called Aurora Dawn, an evil witch-turned-queen-of-the-universe, a terrible sleeping curse, and a rebel group of fairies deadset on kicking the queen from her throne. Oh, and there’s a roguish rebel-prince aiding the fairies in their quest. Think Star Wars meets Sleeping Beauty, but with tons of romance, secrets and ancient curses.

Book I: A Reign of Night is included in the box set. Book II: An Empire of Dawn will soon be up for pre-order!

Here is the box set synopsis:

Sleeping Beauty, but not how you remember it…

One kiss.

That’s all. Just one kiss and the curse will be broken.

But is love’s true kiss a myth and will it be strong enough to break the curse that’s held her in its grasp for a century?

The compelling tale of a young princess fated to sleep forever and the prince destined to save her retold in this spellbinding collection by USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors.

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