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Pre-order Murder in Mind

Only six more days until the release of my newest book, “Murder in Mind”, the first book in a new YA Dystopian series.

Preorder your copy now from Amazon:

Since witnessing the grisly murder of her parents in 2096, sixteen-year-old Rey has been locked up in a psych ward. Society measures psychological markers to predict violent criminal behavior, and with psych-levels well over 100, she is a danger to the public. In a world with cameras and drones around every corner, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to get away with murder, but the person who slaughtered her parents did.

Rey has spent the last ten years immersed in the self-study of criminology, obsessed with finding the monster who changed her life forever. She’s learned to live with the fact her psych-levels will most likely never go down, and her chances of seeing daylight again are slim.

But then her sister Leiah shows up with news that another couple has been murdered in the same way as their parents, leaving behind another young victim. Leiah and her team of police request Rey’s help to solve the murder, catch the predator, and bring justice to this family and their own.

The answers are buried inside Rey’s mind, but to find the truth, she’ll be forced to remember the night that changed her life forever. And if she believes what society wants her to, then she’s only a small step away from becoming a monster herself.

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