Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals April 2019

I didn’t make any goals for March, since the month was way too hectic, but I plan on making up for that. Here are my goals for April 2019:

  • Write a short story per week (total: 0/4).
  • Finish rewrite of Allegro Academy Book #1: Symphony of the Departed.
  • Write two blog posts on my author blog per week (total: 0/8).
  • Finish going through edit for Murder in Mind.
  • Write five reviews for I Heart Reading (total: 0/5).
  • Review three books for Ind’Tale Magazine (total: 0/3).
  • Write first draft of Ghostslayer #2 (total: 5k/60k words).
  • Write first draft of YA Warlock story (total: 5k/60k words).
  • Related to previous two goals, write 2k words per day.


What are your goals for this month?


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