Monday Musings

Monday Musings #46

Monday Musings is a post in which I talk about my writing goals for the upcoming week, and the progress I made on my goals for the past week.

Goals for last week (January 1 – January 7):

  • Finish edits of The Sign of the Serpent (chapter-by-chapter edits).
  • Write a short story for the week.
  • Write two blog posts for the week (I actually wrote some more, totalling 7/10 blog posts already for the month).
  • Write five reviews for I Heart Reading (total: 5/5).
  • Update list of books read in 2018 on I Heart Reading and I Heart Yearly Reads.
  • Join reading challenges for 2019 on I Heart Reading.
  • Write 10k in YA Warlock Book #1 (total so far: 3k/10k words).


Goals for this week (January 7 – January 14):

  • Write an essay.
  • Write a short story for the week.
  • Write five more reviews for I Heart Reading (total: 0/5).
  • Make up for the word count I didn’t read last week on YA Warlock Book #1 -> write 7k words.
  • Write 10k additional words in YA Warlock Book #1, for a total of 20k/60k words.


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