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Author Interview

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog again! I previously interviewed you when your book “Noble Magic” was on tour. This was the fourth book in the Chronicles of Eledon series. Is there any connection between that series and this new one—The Admiralty Archives?

Yes, there is a connection. “Curse of the Sea” begins six months after the end of “Noble Magic.” My main character, Alex, has solved the problem in that book, but it’s created another one. Five NATO warships with seven hundred sailors are stranded in Eledon. In order to solve this one, she must leave Eledon, the world of the Elves, and travel to Earth. Even though she’s part mortal and raised by mortals, she’s never been there and has no idea what to expect.

  1. How many books do you have planned in this new series? What was the inspiration for this new series?

There are three books planned for this series. The inspiration came when I first began writing. I always loved the contrast between fantasy and the real world and asked myself, what if Alex ended up in the mortal world? Voila!

  1. Who is your favorite character from “Curse of the Sea”?

I actually don’t like to pick favorites because I don’t want to give one character more attention than the others. By necessity, the main character, Alex, gets most of my attention because she carries the story from beginning to end. But Vice Admiral Sir Malcolm Teller is critical to her mission. By helping her succeed, he does as well.

  1. Have your writing habits changed over the years?

No, I still try to write something every day. What I have improved on is reading. Early on, I was too busy. Now I make time to read and am finding my horizons expanding and my writing improving. So, I would encourage all authors to read books of different genres and styles. It’ll help you write better.

  1. What would you say is your greatest strength as an author? What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest strength is moving the plot forward and keeping the action going. My greatest weakness is descriptive narratives, but I’m working on it.

  1. What are you working on now?

I’m working on the draft for the next book, tentatively titled, “The Edge of Death” and I have a draft for the final book in the series as well. In addition, I’ve also been working on the next series, so stay tuned. There’s more to come.

About the Book

Title: Curse of the Sea

Author: Joni Parker

Genre: Urban Fantasy

A NATO training exercise goes terribly wrong when five warships from different countries are mysteriously transported to Eledon, the Realm of the Elves. The warrior, Lady Alexin, is charged to escort the troops back home to London in the year 2031 with the aid of the Wizard Ecstasy and a magic shrinking potion. Yet, when the authorities question her story, Alex is detained and imprisoned under suspicion of terrorism. Caught in a web of politics, betrayal and bungling bureaucracy, the confusing world of the future will push her magical gifts to their limit, and her own future will hang in the balance, caught between “justice” and the place she calls home.

Author Bio

Fantasy novels are Joni Parker’s writing passion. Thus far, she’s written two series—“The Seaward Isle Saga,” a trilogy, and “The Chronicles of Eledon,” the award-winning four-book series. Her latest project, “Curse of the Sea” is her eighth book and begins a new trilogy. Her work extends beyond novels into short stories with two appearing in an anthology, “Tucson and Beyond” by the Tucson Science Fiction Fantasy writers’ group. Joni’s retired from military and federal government service and devotes her time to writing. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.





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