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Author Interview Cherished Wings

Author Interview

1) How do I plot my novels and do I outline?  I don’t plot, at least not in the formal sense, and I never outline. I’m what’s called a pantser. I write by the seat of my pants. I start with a vague idea for a story and sort of flesh the beginning out a little in my mind then I sit down at the key board and let my fingers do the talking. My characters come alive on the page and write their own story. I keep in mind the basic plotting elements that are needed as I write to make sure I include them. Anything I miss I fix with edits.

2) Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? The hardest part for me is coming up with the minimum words required as I never know where my story is going or how long it is going to be until I get there. My teachers in school always tried to make me create outlines for my essays, but my best work came when I just started writing and shaped the essay in my head as I went. I used to just write anything down in outline form to make them happy, but that is not always how the finished product ended up. I often think it would be much easier to plot a novel, but unfortunately for me the words or ideas don’t come until my fingers hit the keyboard and my characters start speaking. Many times they take me in the direction they prefer to go and not necessarily where I had planned for them to go. Marketing is also extremely challenging for me as I’m quite introverted.

3) What is the favorite part of the writing process for me? I would have to say editing is my favorite part of writing because the pressure is off. The story is written. All I have to do then is fix any problems and smooth it out.

4) What would I like for readers to take away from my book? That’s a tough one as Cherished Wings is a deeply personal story to me, but I hope that when a reader finishes not only Cherished Wings but all my novels that they are left with an “aw” moment. That each story strikes an emotional chord within them and moves them on some level.

4)  When did I realize that I wanted to become a writer? I’ve been writing for almost as long as I’ve been reading and as a child thought someday I would write novels. Now many years later, I’m finally doing just that.

5) What is my editing process like? In one word “long.” I edit as I write, then re-edit a dozen or more times. I add the fine details near the end of my edits. I read each story aloud in one sitting if possible so that I can hear the rhythm and find the mistakes that my brain automatically corrects while reading silently. I usually go through three more rounds of edits with my editor than another one with the senior editor and publisher.

6) Did I set any writing goals for 2018? Yes. I finished Book 3 in my “Return to the Home Front Series” and plan to have Book 4 done by the end of the year. I hope to complete two more next year.

7) Am I working on something right now?  Yes. I just finished a research trip to Olcott Beach, New York where Book 4 in my “Return to the Home Front Series” is set. I hope to have Book 4 completed by the end of the year.

About the Book

Title: Cherished Wings

Author: Tracey L. Dragon

Genre: Historical Romance

When Sara Kennedy returns to her small hometown in Western New York and visits her dying grandmother, Fran, in the hospital, she asks her about the pair of World War II Navy Wings she found in her dresser drawer.

Her grandmother reluctantly shares with Sara the powerfully love story she had not spoken of in over fifty years. As the tale unfolds, Sara finds herself caught up in a time where things were simpler, yet more complex—where love and war were not compatible.

A story so poignant, it rocks Sara’s world and changes her life forever.

Author Bio

Cherished Wings was inspired by my own mother’s story. Although she never spoke of it, my sisters and I all knew of the World War II wings she kept hidden in her dresser. The wings belonged to a beau who was killed during a mission. Upon my mother’s death, I did not find the wings, but I did, however, find a small envelope containing his photos, one which was cut to fit the size of one of her lockets. She also kept the glass top of an old bottle of French perfume called Bamboo. It was from these items that the idea for Cherished Wings was sparked and the characters Fran and Jack were created. I hope you fall in love with Lt. Jack McOmber as much as I did while creating him. Please visit my website: I would love to hear from you. My books are available at Soul Mate, and Barnes & Noble.





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