TV Series Review: Re-Mind

The concept of Re-Mind is strange and eerie, but the TV series delivers this concept really, really well. With thirteen episodes in the first season, and a Netflix Original, you’re ready for at least a few nights of entertainment with this rare gem.

I’m always amazed by how well Asian series manage to captivate their audience, and establish a mystery component, slowly yet in an engrossing way, completely drawing the viewer in.

Re:Mind starts with eleven school girls waking up in a strange, eerie room, all of them with bags over their heads and perhaps even more disturbingly, their feet boarded and locked to the floor.

They’re sitting around a dining table but dinner is the last thing on their mind. Despite such a limited setting (mixing between the eerie dining room and the girls’ school), it works really well, giving an otherwordly, claustrophobic vibe to the show.

As the story unfolds, the viewer begins to realize the girls are brought here for a reason. All of them are connected to something: but what? As psychological insights are shared, the girls draw conclusions, and several of them begin to confess to past wrongdoings… The lights go out and one of the girls disappears.

Who brought them here, and why? With more girls disappearing every time the lights go out, they’re playing a cat-and-mouse game with an unknown opponent.

While the story doesn’t always progress that well and some aspects of the mystery could’ve been stronger, the show really focuses on a strong cast, on secrets, and on giving the viewer a slightly unsettled, disturbed feeling, and it does really well in all those departments.

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