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Author Interview with EJ Apicello

Today I’m hosting an interview with EJ Apicello, author of self-help book “Your Crossroads. Your Choice.” I hope you enjoy the interview!

Author Interview

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I wish I had some soul changing answer to this question. But alas, I do not. The notion of actually “being” an author crept up on me. I thought I was simply writing down an account of events but it took on a life of its own. I simply went along for the ride.

What inspired you to write “Your Crossroads. Your Choice”?

At the beginning stages of this book, I was going through some very interesting things in my life and figured I better write them down. This way I knew I was not making them up! As I wrote, something strange began to happen. Things in my life that were chaotic began to come into focus – the more I wrote the more I realized. As I mention in the book, writing was my form of therapy, my catharsis.

What is your editing process like?

I like to read my work out loud. Most of it is written in a very conversational voice so it makes the mose sense that way. Then if something sounds wonky, I fix it.

Is this your first book?

Yes and I am very excited!

Did you set any writing goals for 2017?

My goals for 2017 are to put energy into the launch of this book and get a PG-13 version down.

Are you working on something now?

I am currently working on a PG-13 version of this book – I would love to be able to provide something that both kids and parents can read. Bridge the gap and give families a common ground to have a discussion.

About the Book

Title: Your crossroads. Your choice.

Author: EJ Apicello

Genre: Self-help

Welcome to my diary, my journey, as I tripped and crawled through the darkest time in my life- when I witnessed  people that I held incredibly close to me shatter my very existence with their words and actions. The things within this book spine are extremely raw and exceptionally real. You and I are going to get very close, the details in this book, although oddly general, are incredibly specific. Yes, I realize what I just said and as you read my words you will see what I mean. As you silently gasp and mentally bitch slap me, please be kind because my story is just that – my story. It is not any more or less special than yours. In fact the only difference between our stories are the choices we made at each of the crossroads in our lives. For most of my life the choices I made were not based on my happiness but on everyone else’s. This book describes what I have experienced in my journey to finding my happiness and hopefully never letting it go. Sadly, it took me thirty six years to find the strength I need to detoxify my life and self view and find someone who is worthy of my awesomeness. Thirty six years to shatter the negative foundation I had built shatter the ultimate representative I created to hide behind and begin the process of building a new foundation. Only this foundation will be built on strength, confidence and above all, happiness. So take a minute or thirty and sit with my story for a while. You never know what you might find out.

Author Bio

Welcome to my real, crazy, emotional, probably too honest journey. I am an everyday girl in this everyday world trying to keep my head above water and within the pages of this book you will learn about the things that have broken me down  and the steps I am taking to build back up. You will see, my new friends, that this story is written in a unique, general, conversational voice, which was my choice. I want you to be able to picture yourself in my shoes, relate my trials and tribulations to yours and see that you too can find your happiness. Even if you don’t realize this yet, every single one of us possesses things inside of ourselves that we didn’t know were there. It took my life taking a crazy right turn and dumping me at the lowest possible point before I could see the strength within myself. We are not defined by what we do, we are defined by the choices we make. I decided when I put pen to paper that I want my choices to start defining me as strong, confident, secure and above all else, happy. So, who am I? How about I tell you who I was – a self loathing shell of myself who put everyone else’s happiness before my own. Herein lies my story to find that happiness and all of the ups and downs along the way. See who I was and who I am trying to become and maybe, somewhere in there, you will find out a little about yourself too.





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