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New Series: Sally Sleuth

I’m not just releasing one new series this year – I’m releasing two. The first is for Snoebels, Cat Detective, and the second is for Sally Sleuth. Sally Sleuth is another lowr grade mystery series, this one featuring fourth-grader Sally Sleuth in the main role as Sally solves age-appropriate mysteries.

This series is aimed at lower graders. All books are between 3000-6000 words, so they’re fast and easy reads, and ideal for younger or struggling readers.

A new book in this series will release every two months and the first book, Sally Sleuth and The Missing Mice, will be published on January 30, 2017.

Sally Sleuth and The Missing Mice


Here is the synopsis:

Sally Sleuth, a fourth-grade self-proclaimed detective, is charged to bring the class’s pet mice home for the evening. But with her brother’s snake crawling around, her dad locking himself up in his office all night, and her mom’s strict “time for bed” policy causing her to leave the mouse cage open, it’s no wonder the animals have disappeared by the next morning.

Sally doesn’t have much time to find the mice before she’ll let her teacher and all her friends down.

Sally Sleuth is a series of chapter books for kids who like mysteries.

Book one, Sally Sleuth and The Missing Mice will be available from online retailers on January 30, 2017.

You can already add Sally Sleuth and The Missing Mice (Sally Sleuth #1) on Goodreads.

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