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Author Interview with Lee Ducote

When did you know you wanted to be an author?  

It was five years ago after I wrote Micah and I had many people telling me that it needed to be published. So I went for it. 

What inspired you to write Micah?

I wanted to convey the truth about spiritual warfare through a story. 

What is your editing process like?

It’s simple. I write the manuscript, rewrite a few times, then have my editor go through it, I’ll pick out 8-12 people to proofread it, and make a finial rewrite with my editor. 

Who is your favorite character from your book?


Did you set any writing goals for 2016? If so, what are they?

Five novels including the second Micah. 

Are you working on something now?

Another YA called Coyotes.

About the Book

Micah300dpiPrintUseTitle: Micah

Author: Lee DuCote

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

When lacrosse star Micah Spearman moved to the quiet little town of Seven Springs, he never expected to become such a significant part of his lacrosse team, his group of friends, or of the battle raging just beyond human reach. With a gift to see into the spiritual dimension, Micah learns he is part of a prophecy and must lead an army of guardians against legions of demons, all while trying to live a normal teenage life.

Navigating through high school can be a daunting task. When Micah finds himself falling in love with his friend Stephanie, he must be careful not to disrupt their group of friends—or attract attention from the demons that watch his every move. But high school will not be the biggest survival challenge he faces. Micah and friends soon find their world expanding far beyond, as Micah discovers his true purpose.

As the battle rages to find the Sword of Malachi, the young freshman finds himself falling deeper into a world of unknowns. Can Micah find the sword before all is lost? Will Stephanie give into her feelings for Micah? In Micah, the Sword of Malachi, you too will fall under the charm and the mysteries of Seven Springs.


Author Bio

To introduce myself, I was born and raised in Northwest Louisiana, just outside of Shreveport.  I graduated from high school in 1989 and went to Monroe Louisiana for college.  After my first year at NLU I decided (actually my parents did) I wasn’t ready for college, so I did what every 19 year old kid does….I moved to the Marshal Islands in the mid pacific.  After a few years I came home, meet my wife and settle down for a short bit.  I worked construction, opening my own sporting goods store, became a full-time fireman, opened a candle manufacturing company, and even rodeo for a short term.  Just not at the same time.  In 2003 we moved to Franklin TN were I sold fire trucks until 2010 and moved to Heber Springs AR.  Since here in the Ozark Mountains I have written six novels and currently working on my seventh, another YA novel.  So that’s me in a quick whirl wind.  And yes, if you check out my web site or social media you will see me with our pet raccoon, Tucker.


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