Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals September

goalsEach month, I write down my monthly goals and try to meet them. Although it doesn’t always work to keep up with all my goals, I have a feeling it might work this time. Fingers crossed! I have a ton of goals this month, so I broke them down into categories.

Kids books

  • Organize cover reveal for Sally Sleuth & The Missing Mice in September.
  • Work on edits for Sally Sleuth & The Missing Mice.
  • Write first draft of Sally Sleuth book two.
  • Edit Sally Sleuth book two and submit to publisher.

YA books

  • Work on edits for Demonic Pact (Angel of Death #2).
  • Work with cover designer / book manager on a cover for Demonic Pact.
  • Edit Allegro Academy #1.
  • Edit Ghostslayer #1.
  • Finish writing first draft of Ghostslayer. Currently: 40k-75k words.
  • Write first draft of Confessions of a Teenage Warlock. Currently: 0k-60k words.

Horror / Dark Fiction

  • Edit short story for in The Animal anthology.
  • Edit short story for Girls Rock Horror Harder ezine.
  • Promote The Animal on release day.
  • Promote Girls Rock Horror Harder ezine on release day.
  • Work on release day event for Daddy’s Boy.
  • Edit Fire & Brimstone, pt. 1 and submit to publisher.

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