Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals August

goalsIn an effort to keep track of my monthly goals, I’m writing them down on the first of every month. Here are my goals for August.

  • Finish editing Demonic Pact (Angel of Death Series #2). Currently: chapter 11/41.
  • Write short story for The Animal horror anthology.
  • Write short story for Girls Rock Harder eZine (horror/dark fiction).
  • Write short story for Dreadful Demographic eZine (horror/dark fiction).
  • Work on edits for Sally Sleuth & The Missing Mice.
  • Finish writing first draft of Ghostslayer.
  • Edit Ghostslayer. Format in proper chapters.
  • Edit Allegro Academy #1.
  • Write first draft of Confessions of a Teenage Warlock. Total: 60-70k words.

As you can see, I’ve got a ton of things planned for August…Although I’m not sure if I’ll reach all those goals!

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