Monthly Goals

Progress Updates for June

At the start of June, I set up a list of goals. Overall, June was a productive month and I reached quite a few of my goals, and made progress on others.

  • Finish first draft of Demonic Pact (current word count: 40k/65-70k words).
  • Work on my horror short, which I just got back from the proofreader.
  • Finish first draft of Ghostslayer (current word count: 40k/65-70k words). PROGRESS: it’s at 56k words now.
  • Continue writing a short story every week (that means 4 short stories).
  • Outline Angel Assassin. (I plan to write this during CampNaNo July)
  • Write the first part in my dark fiction serial, Fire & Brimstone. (word count: 0k/8-10k words).
  • Work on my “Penny Dreadful” novella, Faithless (not at all inspired by the awesome TV series).
  • Send out my newsletter (which goes out today, yay!)
  • Work on website for my dark fiction (mini-goals: add newsletter subscription, add info about first book, and so on).

Phew! At least that’s some progress. I’m glad I finished the first draft of Demonic Pact and made progress in Ghostslayer. I hope July is as productive, if not more!

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