Progress Updates for June

At the start of June, I set up a list of goals. Overall, June was a productive month and I reached quite a few of my goals, and made progress on others. Finish first draft of Demonic Pact (current word count: 40k/65-70k words). Work on my horror short, which I just got back from the proofreader. Finish first draft of […]

Author Interview with Lynn Montagano

I’m interviewing Lynn Montagano today, author of contemporary romance “Catch my Breath”. I hope you enjoy the interview! When did you know you wanted to be an author? I always knew on some level that I wanted to write for a living. I’ve loved creating stories since I was a kid. In second grade we had a fun assignment to […]

The Season 5 Finale of Game of Thrones

I’m still not sure how I feel about the season five finale of Game of Thrones, so I decided to put my thoughts to paper. If you haven’t seen the season five finale yet, and you don’t want to read any spoilers, then this post is NOT for you. Warning: spoilers ahead! The episode was called “Mother’s Mercy”, and since […]

Author Interview with Astrid V. Tallaksen

I’m interviewing Astrid V. Tallaksen today, author of urban fantasy “At Death’s Door” and “Between Heaven & Hell”. Enjoy the interview, and thanks to the author for visiting my blog today! When did you know you wanted to be an author?   Well, I’ve been writing since I was in kindergarten, and I’ve always loved telling stories. It wasn’t until I […]

Author Interview with Rebecca Moore

I’m hosting an interview today with Rebecca Moore, author of “Mothering Through Bipolar”, a memoir that talks about mental health issues. Welcome to my blog, and thanks to the author for answering my questions. Author Interview When did you know you wanted to be an author? Since I was in Kindergarten. I can remember trying to put a book together […]

Book Excerpt from Bai Tide

Book Excerpt Agnes’s office at the end of the hall was largest of all and afforded a stunning view of the dormitory, classrooms, and most of the thirty acres of property the school owned. I sat in one of the frigid-from-the-air-conditioning leather armchairs in the corner and pressed the blinking yellow light on the secure teleconference device that sat on […]

Author Interview with Daniel Gray

I’m interviewing Daniel Gray today, author of “Why Women Cheat”, a non-fiction book that, just as its title suggests, tries to decipher why women cheat, and why pick-up artists are so successful. I’d like to thank the author for taking the time to answer my questions, and for visiting my blog. Author Interview When did you know you wanted to […]

A Story of Bad Luck

Not exactly a story, as in, it’s not made up. This is what happened to me on Friday – a great example of how much bad luck one person can have in one day. First of all, I had an exam for university on Friday. Not exactly my favorite subject, either, and the weather report predicted soaring temperatures, so I […]

Author Interview with Diamante Lavendar

I’m interviewing Diamante Lavendar today, author of women’s fiction “Breaking the Silence”. Welcome to my blog! When did you know you wanted to be an author?   I knew I wanted to write since I was a small child.  I began writing simple poems when I learned to write, much before the age of ten.  They were very elementary poems, […]