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So, after the April challenge, I wanted to take a few days off from blogging…and before you know it, it’s halfway through May and a few days turned into two weeks.

I have a few updates, about writing and publishing, plans for the future, and some general randomness.


First, the release date of Reflected (Mirrorland #2) got pushed forward to May 27. The book has been out of edits since February, so it was no use waiting a few more months to release it. The book will be published by InkSpell Publishing, like the first book in the series.

So, to celebrate my upcoming release, I’m going to set up a form people can fill in to participate in the release day party, a Facebook event, and even a book tour. Which means, I get to be busy again for the next few weeks.

Secondly, I submitted  lower grade chapter book, and a horror short. The short got accepted, and will be released from Booktrope Publishing, the Forsaken imprint, soon. As for the chapter book, no word on that yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

For fans of the Angel of Death Series, the sequel, Demonic Pact, will be released in July/August, and the third book in December, if all goes according to plan.

Weirdville fans, fear not. Grave Error, the sixth book in the series will also be released soon. We’re currently in the editing stages.


I wrote 17k words this week, which is more than I’ve written in ages. I’m working on the third book in the Angel of Death Series, and so far it’s going great. Apart from that, I’m also working on Ghostslayer a little bit, and waiting to hear back about the manuscripts I mentioned.


Is anyone else addicted to Penny Dreadful? I watched the first two episodes of season two already, and I’m dying to see the third one. With all my favorite series having finales this weeks (The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, and so on), it’s good to have at least one series to fall back upon.

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