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Blogging A to Z Challenge: T is for Transparency

TThe A to Z challenge is a challenge in which bloggers post every day during the entire month, and each day has a post starting with a different letter of the alphabet. The first day, the post features “A”, the second day “B”, and so on. It’s much better explained on the Blogging from A to Z website, so I’ll just refer you there.

A while back, there was some author drama going on about an author who was also a blogger, and had apparently been part of some blogging streams without letting anyone know she was an author too. It was a pretty big deal, and lots of people started hating on the author. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it and if you haven’t, well, be glad you escaped the drama.

Anyway, it made me wonder about transparency. If you’re an author and you blog about books, then that’s fine. There’s no rule saying you can’t. Sure, your publisher may say you’re not allowed to reviewed books published by them, but apart from that, there should be no issue about it. It does become an issue though when you’re not transparent about it – when people think author X and blogger Y are two different people.

If you have a book blog, or you do anything else related to writing (like, you’re an editor, a publicist, or anything else) then I recommend to be open and upfront about it. You don’t have to shout it off the roof, but just remember to make it clear so people can’t point a finger afterward.

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