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What’s Up Wednesday #10

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What I’m Reading

I finished a bunch of horror books, including “Orphans of Wonderland” by Greg F. Gifune, “The Lurking Season” by Kristopher Rufty and “The Pendle Curse” by Catherine Cavendish. At the moment, I’m reading “Dead of Winter” by Brian Moreland and “The Haunting of Sunshine Girl” by Paige McKenzie. I started the year in a horror reading mood.

What I’m Writing

I’ve been quite productive this year, even if I say so myself, heh. I got some inspiration for my seemingly-perpetual WIP, Ghostslayer, and added 6k to the manuscript. So now I’m at 40k words, and with about 30k to go. I also wrote an outline for the rest of the book, so this time I know where I’m headed and don’t have to wait months for inspiration again. I hope to finish the first draft of this one by the end of January.

I also signed up for the #AStoryAWeek challenge, and so far, it’s been a strange experience. I don’t usually write short stories, and for my first one, I wanted to stay true to my preferred genre – dark fiction. But I had trouble finding a suitable plot. So after spending entirely way too much time on creepypasta and not getting inspired in the slightest, I was ready to give up. Then the next day, I opened up MS Word with just one sentence in mind. “Bobby didn’t see it coming”.

Without an hour, I’d written 4k. The story isn’t finished yet (I estimate it’ll need about 2k words more) but I know how it’ll end, and I’m feeling so inspired about it. What an amazing feeling.

What Works For Me

Apparently, short stories do. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in a story or novel and the plot gets so complicated. Writing a short story can be so liberating then. Setting myself five writing goals per day works too – it helps keep me motivated to write every day, it means progress for all my projects, and it’s not overwhelming. I mostly stick to shorter goals, like write 1k words in a specific story, for one of the goals, and then mix it up with filling in interviews, working on the website, and so on, until I have five writing-related goals per day.

What Else is New

I’m still working on client edits, and one of my publishers got back to me with the edits for a manuscript, so I’ll be working on that soon as well. I hope to finish the client edits first, but else I’ll have to combine the two (but I prefer to work on one project at a time, in terms of editing, so that’ll be hectic).

I wish you a great writing week, nad an amazing 2015!

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