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What I Accomplished in 2014

2015 New Year celebrationI posted my resolutions for the new year yesterday, and then I started to feel bad because I hadn’t accomplished as much as I had hoped in 2014. This made me mad though – I mean, I’d accomplished plenty of things, but nevertheless, it didn’t feel like enough. So I decided to write down the things I did accomplish – not to brag, but to make myself feel better and get rid of the feeling that I had accomplished nothing.

Four new book releases

Four of my books released this year. Valentina and the Masked Mummy, the third book in the Valentina series, released in May. The fourth and fifth Weirdville book, Drowning in Fear and The Clumsy Magician, released in September and December. My YA paranormal, The Soul Thief, the first book in a brand new series, released in November.

Five manuscripts written

Of course I had to make time to write books too, and this year, I ended up penning down and editing five manuscripts: Drowning in Fear, The Clumsy Magician and Grave Error were all chapter books, but I also wrote The Soul Thief (YA) and a YA novella that ended up at 14k. All in all, not bad. I also ended up with 35k in a new WIP, which is past the halfway mark.

A successful year at Enchanted Book Promotions

This is the most successful year Enchanted Book Promotions has had so far, and it’s great to see hard work get rewarded. It’s doing great, and I hope it continues to grow in the future.

I started something new

After finishing my law degree, I took up classes to get a criminology degree as well. Despite most people telling me that it was a silly idea, I stayed stubborn and did it anyway. I still don’t regret it – in fact, I’ve learned more from it than I thought I would.

Freelance clients

I branched out and started offering freelance services for cover design, proofreading and publicity, and that proved to be successful too. I have enough clients to keep me busy now.

Top 10 on Amazon

The Doll Maker and Valentina and the Haunted Mansion both hit the top ten in their categories on Amazon, and I’m very pleased with those results.

I read more than 350 books

This is my best reading year ever. I read and reviewed more than 350 books. I doubt I can do that again next year, but it’s nice to see I accomplished it once.

So all in all, 2014 wasn’t as bad as I thought – in fact, it was rather good. The year provided new challenges, new opportunities, and I got to meet some awesome people. Here’s hoping 2015 will be equally as amazing!



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