What’s Up Wednesday #4

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop created by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. The goal of this hop is to help connect writers on their writing journey. You can find out more about the blog hop here. What I’m Reading I’m reading “Shattered Secrets” by Karen Harper. I just finished “Lockwood & Co: The Whispering Skull”, and loved […]

Editing Tips: How To Select An Editor

I’ve been lucky enough to have a great editor, Lane Diamond, edit my children’s books published through Evolved Publishing. However, when you’re self-publishing, you need to find your own editor. It can be overwhelming for an author looking to self-publish: not only do you need to find an editor, but you also need a cover artist, a printer, a formatter, […]

The Island of Dolls: A Nightmare Come True

Dolls can be scary. They have beady eyes that follow your every move. Sometimes they’ve switched poses when you return to a room. Or they just have creepy scare, and they’re plastic or porcelain yet they look so human. If you’re scared of dolls, then imagine a whole island filled with them. Yep, that’s what La Isla de las Munecas […]

Marketing Tip: Start with a Marketing Plan

A lot of authors agree that marketing is the hardest part about being an author. I mean, we got into this business because we wanted to write, not because we wanted to market. Unfortunately, one thing requires the other if you really want to succeed. So we put on our brave hats and struggle through the dark cave of marketing, […]

Haunted Dolls: Annabelle, A Creepy Raggedy Ann Doll

In a series of articles, I’m going to talk about haunted dolls. When I was a kid, I loved playing with dolls. But some dolls…well, they’re just plain creepy. The first doll we’re going to discuss in this series, is Annabelle, who played a small part in the hit horror movie “The Conjuring”, which released in cinemas last year. She […]

Monthly Goals August 2014

Each month, I write down my writing-related goals and track my progress. I skipped June and July (bad, bad author!) but now I’m back in the game. Write more content on the blog. I neglected my blog for the last two months, mostly because I was too busy studying, writing, catching up on deadlines, and so on. But I’m back […]