Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals August 2014

goalsEach month, I write down my writing-related goals and track my progress. I skipped June and July (bad, bad author!) but now I’m back in the game.

  • Write more content on the blog. I neglected my blog for the last two months, mostly because I was too busy studying, writing, catching up on deadlines, and so on. But I’m back in the game, and not only will you get more blog posts, the posts will be more varied too. I feel like I’ve been focused on writing only, instead of talking about other things that might interest readers as well. So expect to find things like marketing tips, editing tips, all sorts of things kids-related, movie reviews, rants, and more on here in the future.
  • Finish chapter book #2. About 1k words left, and then I’ll have finished the first draft of chapter book #2. Almost there!
  • Edit chapter book #2. Well, you can’t write a book and then not edit it, right? (Totally bogus, I’ve done that half a dozen times. But I’m trying to get better).
  • Finish writing the first draft for chapter book #3. Yet another chapter book on the waiting-to-be-written list.
  • Edit chapter book #3. One can never have enough edits.
  • Finish writing first draft for Ghostslayer. This is a YA Paranormal Mystery I’ve been working on for ages. I need to finish it, so I can start editing (ugh).

Well, that’s it for me! Writing more blog content is the most important part, and I also need to focus on promoting the books I already have out there. If all goes well, another book of mine will release this month, and I need to bee prepared.

What are your writing goals for August 2014? Feel free to share in the comments!

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