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I’m interviewing The Misfits, the auhtor duo behind coming-of-age supernatural adventure “Hurry Home”. Thanks for answering my questions, and welcome to my blog.

1. When did you know you wanted to be an author? 

M: I knew I enjoyed writing since I was in elementary school, but I didn’t realize I wanted to be an author until I read the Harry Potter series. It was then that I realized I wanted the words I wrote to change people’s lives.

A: I have always written stories. However, it was when I realized that I could do much more in the world writing and travelling than sitting in a class at college that seriously decided I was going to write as a career path.

2. Where did you get the inspiration for Hurry Home? 

M and A:The idea for this story actually came from the song Hurry Home by Jason Micheal Carroll. Mary fell in love with the song and could just see a story forming more and more every time I listened to it. The supernatural element came from Mary’s and Angie’s love of supernatural literature.

3. What is you editting process like?

 M: I find the easiest way to edit is to reread and rewrite as many times as possible. I really don’t have a process. If something looks wrong, I change it, and if I think something could enhance the scene, I add it.

A: My editing process is rereading as I go. I often stop writing in the middle of a scene so to get back into the groove I will reread what I wrote the night before and fix little errors as I go and add things I had forgotten the night before.

4. What was the most challenging part of writing this book? 

M: For me, it was remembering that not everyone is going to like it, and that’s okay. I kept wanting to change things because I worried that I was going to offend someone. I just have to remember that people will love it or hate it, so as long as I like it that’s all that really matters.

A: Realizing I was doing it with another person and I couldn’t make decisions for the book by myself. We both had to agree or it doesn’t happen. However, it was rare when we disagreed.

5. What are your writing goals for 2014? 

M and A: We would like to finish our individual projects that we are currently working on before the year is over.


6. Are you working on something now? If so, can you tell us a little about it? 

M: I am working on something right now. It is about a princess from another world. She had her memory stolen from her and was sent to live in our world for her own protection. The story is about her getting those memories back and returning to take her rightful place on the throne.

A: I am also working on something right now. I am working on a futuristic dystopian story about lack of privacy in America. In this novel there is no privacy between people and their government. The main character – Zeppelin- gets drafted into the privacy department of the government and learns all the secrets they are hiding.

About Hurry Home

hurryfrontSeventeen years after Johnathon Parker murdered her mother, hybrid witch, Emmalyn Evans, gets sick of her father’s overprotective, distant ways, so she runs away in search of adventures with her aunt and uncle. Along the way, she meets charming, handsome, dark warlock, Nik Baker who has a troubled past and harbors dark secrets. Together they embark on an adventure of their own and soon become close. But with Emmalyn’s homicidal grandfather and overprotective father on their tail, and Nik’s many secrets hanging over them, how can they enjoy their great adventure? And will Emmalyn make it back to her father in one piece, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

Author Bio

Angie is a 17 year old High School Graduate.  She met Mary through Fanfiction and they bonded over their love of books and British TV. She lives in sunny San Diego with her parents and two out of three sisters. She is the third child out of four. She loves God with all her heart and goes to Summit Christian Church! Angie is also a sound technician. She will be going to Dream Center Leadership Study next year.

Mary is a beautiful 26 year-old woman. She lives in Toledo, Ohio Writing has been her passion since she was in Elementary school. She started by writing plays for her favorite anime, Sailor Moon, and things developed from there. She is an avid reader with too many books to even fit on her bookshelf. Her tastes in music varies, but she is always open to trying new things. She is the second of four children and has a niece and nephew she loves with all her heart.




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