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Since we’re almost halfway through the book tour for the Weirdville series, it’s time to write about the tour progress, and updates.

Cajun Book Lover hosted a review for The Doll Maker, House of Horrors and Fright Train.

Here’s what she had to say about The Doll Maker:

“My 12 year old daughter is always asking for scary stories or movies and this was perfect for her. Not too scary but scary enough to keep her interested. We read this one together and we both really enjoyed it!”

And here’s a small excerpt from her review for House of Horrors:

“This was a great scary story for youngsters with just the right amount of spooky to keep your child interested but not up all night.”

Fright Train got a positive review as well:

“When a train ride to Grandma’s turns into a chilling ride for Charlie he must figure out how to help himself and the other passengers on board. I would highly recommend this series.”

The Weirdville series was a Featured Friday post on Jo Lindsdell’s blog.

I wrote a guest post about the making of the book cover for The Doll Maker on Editor Charlene’s Blog.

The Writer’s Life, an eMagazine for writers and readers, interviewed me during the tour.

Andi’s Chapter Books reviewed The Doll Maker, House of Horrors and Fright Train.

A snippet from the review for The Doll Maker:

“This first book is a great introduction to this series! For me, these books are really short, only taking me about a half hour to read. There is just enough horror thrown in to keep it creepy, yet not so much that it is too much for kids to read. Majanka has found a good balance between scary and overkill, which is important when writing for a middle grade crowd.”

And here’s a small excerpt from the review for House of Horrors:

“While I was reading this one, I kept thinking of Harry Potter and his friends facing the boggarts. To overcome them, you had to overcome your fears. Only this version of fears is much more sinister and could be deadly. It’s not as easy to make them go away.”

Her thoughts on Fright Train:

“As with the other two books, my inner child was delighted and I quickly devoured it. I think my greatest disappointment was knowing that now I have no more books in the series to read. I really hope she pens some more, because even I can feel a lot more stories swirling around in Weirdville!”

The tour is off to a great start, and I hope everyone will join me as the tour continues. You can find the tour schedule here, if you want to see the upcoming tour stops.

There’s also a tour-wide giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card. Fill in the form to participate.

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