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Author Interview with J.L. Sprague


I’m interviewing J.L. Sprague, author of romantic suspense novel “Surviving” on my blog today. Thanks for answering my questions, J.L. and welcome to my blog.

When did you know you wanted to become an author?

     I never really knew for sure. I knew I wanted to write and I wanted to finish a story to it’s completion. Writing and completing Surviving was a goal I set for myself just to prove that I could do it. I learned that I loved writing more than anything else I’ve ever done. I can only get better every day.
Where did you get the inspiration for Surviving? 
     Can I copy and paste my answers from old answers?? Okay I won’t do that, but the answer is always the same. I was writing another story and I was well into it. One afternoon I was on my day job (as a school bus driver) when I saw the really good looking guy. As soon as my eyes hit him I knew the story. He was my Landon (and in real life his name is Langdon – shhhh, don’t tell). I had certain things I wanted to incorporate into the story and it all just kind of fell into place.
What is your editing process like?
     Editing is a pain in the booty. I had never done any editing other than from my own papers and such from college so it was a whole new world for me. I tried to go over everything at the end of every chapter, but I still had quite a few errors when I was going through my last couple of reads. I’m sure there are still errors, but hopefully not too many. I do a read through and collect and make sure all the facts are straight. Then I do another couple of reads for other small mistakes. I’ll just say, I don’t care for it. If I can afford it, I’ll have someone else do it next time.
What was the most challenging part about writing this book? 
     Research and finding uninterrupted time to write. AND of course editing was terrible. That’s all there is to say about that.
What are your writing goals for 2014?
     I’m not sure how other writers work. All I know is I write my way, for me. I want to write everyday, at least a little, whether it’s 500 words or thousands. I just want to make sure I’m writing. My first actual goal is to finish my current project, which doesn’t have a name yet. Then I’ll be starting on Landon’s story to follow-up Surviving.
Are you working on something right now? If so, can you tell us about it? 

     Currently, I am working on a book that has yet to be named. I am approaching this one completely different from the way I wrote Surviving so it is another learning experience. I am in love with this story and it is constantly on my mind so I think it is a possibility that it will make it’s debut sooner rather than later. 
     When I’m finished with my current project I intend to write a book to follow-up Surviving. Although Surviving is written in both Jenna and Landon’s point of views, it is Jenna’s story. Now I want to write Landon’s story, which will begin with the ending of Surviving. It has a tentative title of Thriving.  Surviving however, was initially intended to be a stand-alone and can be read as such. 
Thanks for having me! 🙂


SurvivingTitle: Surviving

Author: J.L. Sprague

Genre: Romance / Suspense

Living in a world where there are only lows and never highs, Jenna’s memory has trained itself to forget. Forgetting the bad was never a problem for Jenna until she forgets the one memory she never should have forgotten.

Landon has never forgotten, even when he desperately wishes he could. She haunts him. By chance they meet again but Jenna still does not remember Landon. What Landon doesn’t know is that Jenna has secrets. Secrets that change everything.

Their love for one another is the only thing that can heal years of abuse – for both of them.

When tragedy strikes memories are triggered and Jenna’s whole world changes.

Can Landon help Jenna survive at the hands of a madman?

Author Bio

J.L. Sprague loves dark chocolate covered almonds and her life is pretty much one big dark chocolate covered almond, sweet on the outside and crunchy goodness on the inside. Family takes up the biggest portion of her day and book boyfriends take up the other portion. If she can’t find a good book boyfriend, then she just creates one and the writing portion of her day begins.

Outside of family, reading, writing and eating dark chocolate covered almonds, J.L. Sprague loves music and the outdoors. She studied Music Education in college, then changed her mind after three very long years to study Criminal Justice. Finally, after studying and studying she realized that reading and writing were more her forte. After starting her family with her crazy, supportive husband, she started doing what she loved, writing.

SURVIVING is J.L. Sprague’s first novel but it’s not her last. She has some very interesting ideas that you may love or hate. Whether you love or hate her stories, through all the twists and turns, there will always be a happily ever after.


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