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Blogging from A to Z Challenge: S is for Stories That Need to be Told

A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cBack when I started writing, I wanted to write every single idea that entered my mind. If I got this awesome idea on Monday, I’d start writing like crazy, and by Tuesday, I was out of inspiration. Or worse, I got a better idea, and started working on something new.

Inspiration is great, but you need to filter. Not every idea slipping through your mind, is worth writing out. While some ideas may sound great at first, if you let them linger for a while, you might figure out that you run out of inspiration fast for that particular idea, or that it’s not that original after all.

Focus on those stories that need to be told. The ideas that tug at your mind, that bother you every night before you go to bed, that resurface again and again, even if you’re working on other projects. Those ideas, those stories, are the ones that need to be told, the ones that demand to be written down.


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      So true! Although if I don’t write an idea down the moment it comes, I tend to lose the nuances of it later. But I can’t write too many details either, otherwise I’d always be scribbling new ideas and never actually finish a story 🙂

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