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Blogging from A to Z Challenge: O is for Organizing

A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cOrganizing is a crucial part of my day. Finding time to write is a struggle. I study full time at university, I organize book tours for authors through Enchanted Book Promotions, I review books on my book blog I Heart Reading, and I have to find some time for a social life too. So organizing is key here.

I plan writing in my day. It’s not just something I do as a hobby – I see it as a real job, something that has to be done every day, no excuses. I make a to do list each day with five items per category – categories being my various blogs, writing, university, and Enchanted Book Promotions. Not a day goes by that I don’t finish at least some of the tasks on this list.

In an ideal world, I’d write 2k a day, consistently, and edit a chapter from another work-in-progress on the same time. Unfortunately in real life, this doesn’t always happen. But I do write every day. Sometimes 500 words. Sometimes 1k. Sometimes 4k. Editing has been more difficult to plan in than writing. Not every chapter needs the same amount of editing, and not every chapter is equally long, so it’s tough to figure out how long a certain editing task will take.

But I organize my day around my tasks. University has priority (or it should have, but that’s not always the case), then come the book promotions, then writing, and then my blogs. But staying on top of things is tough, and I have several planners that help me out and help me schedule my days and weeks.

How do you manage to organize your day so you have time for writing and/or editing?

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