Monday Musings #28

Each Monday, I recap all the events of the past week. Drafting. I’m at 8k words in the first draft for Gatekeeper. I’m planning to turn this into 3-4 YA novellas instead of one longer YA novel. I estimate the first novella will be about 16-20k words. Press releases. I had to write a few press releases for clients, so […]

Guest Post for Real Dogs Don’t Whisper Tour

I’m hosting a guest post today for a book tour for “Real Dogs Don’t Whisper”, a kids book by Kelly Preston. I’ll leave the word to Kelly now, and step aside. Five Things You Should Know About Writing by Kelly Preston First, thank you for hosting this guest post. My name is Kelly Preston, no not John’s (Travolta) wife that […]

Author Interview with Kayti Nika Raet

I’m hosting an interview today with Kayti Nika Raet, author of young adult dystopian thriller “Harm”. Welcome to my blog, Kayti, and thanks for answering my questions! Author Interview Where did you get the inspiration for Harm? I knew as i was writing Niko, the first book in the Outsider Chronicles that i wanted it to be a five book […]

I won an award!

I won my first writing award ever, and I’m extremely proud of this. I’m one of the four authors of the year at “The Library Junior”, a book blogging website geared toward kids books. Check out the award post here! On top of that, my publisher, Evolved Publishing, was crowned publisher of the year by the same website. What an […]

Monthly Goals January 2014

Each month, I write down my writing-related goals and track my progress. I’m starting anew in 2014, and my main goal this year is to make more sensible goals. Hah, we’ll see how that goes! Here are my goals for January 2014. Blog every day of the week for the entire month,  except for Sunday posts (these are optional). Write […]