Writing Resources #1

resourcesToday in writing resources we’ll talk about writing software. Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Word (at least, I’ll assume so) but there’s tons of other writing software out there that is equally interesting.


OpenOffice is the free version of Microsoft Word. It has more or less the same functions, and it’s free.


Scrivener is Word but especially for writers. It has tons of extra functions ideal for novelists or people writing large research papers. You can cut/paste entire chapters, keep a seperate tab for research, and there’s tons of ways to restructure or revise your work. You can check it out during a free trial. Full version costs $40.


yWriter is another useful tool for writing. It’s free, and it has the ability to break your novel into chapters and scenes.


The number one benefit of Writeroom is that it’s a full-screen Word processor, so there are no distractions while writing. It’s also praised for its simplicity.


WriteRight has the ability to replace words with their synonyms, recognize phrases and sayings, and much more. It has a clear interface and looks stunning.

What software do you use to write or to work on your novel? Most people I know either stick with good, old MS Word, or they use Scrivener. What’s your preference?


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