Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals July

Each month, I’ll write down my monthly goals. This month is the start of the summer holidays. I was initially hoping that would mean more time to write, but it may turn out the other way around. I’ve got quite a few holidays out of the country scheduled. Either way, here’s my list of goals for July:

  1. Write first draft of Valentina and the Masked Mummy (third picture book in the Valentina’s Spooky Adventures series).
  2. Write first draft of Train to Hell (working title), the third book in the Weirdville Series.
  3. Edit Valentina and the Whackadoodle Witch.
  4. Self-edit Valentina and the Masked Mummy and send to editor.
  5. Self-edit Train to Hell (working title) and send to editor.

Here are my bonus goals for if I have extra spare time in July.

  1. Revise chapters six to nine of Ghostslayer.
  2. Finish writing the first draft of Ghostslayer.
  3. Write the first draft of Monster Hotel (0k/35-40k words).
  4. Edit Andante (Allegro Academy #1): 0/15 chapters edited.
  5. Write synopsis for Nightstalker and/or Blood Witch (both YA Paranormal Romance stories).

What are your goals for July?


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