Weekend Writing Warriors

Weekend Writing Warriors (5)


This is the fourth time I’ll be participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. This time I’m hosting an excerpt from my upcoming chapter book (unedited, so still subject to change) House of Horrors (working title), second book in the Weirdville series. This is an excerpt from chapter seven.

“In here,” the voice continued, “you will face your greatest fears. Your worst nightmares. Only the strong-willed make it out to the end.”

The noise came from the figure hiding in the shadows only a few feet away from them.

Jacky’s fingers dug into Ben’s skin. She glanced around the room, looking for anything they could use to defend themselves with.

The figure moved forward, its robes gliding on the floor. Ben and Jacky backed up.

Weirdville is a series of chapter books set in the fictional town of Weirdville, where all kinds of strange and scary things happen. The first book in the series, The Doll Maker, will release in September 2013.

Please leave a link to your excerpt. I’ll definitely come visit!

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