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Author Interview with Jeanette Pekala


I’m hosting an author interview today with the author of young adult paranormal novel, “Culture Shock”. Welcome to my blog, Jeanette, and I hope you enjoyed answering my questions!

1) When did you know you wanted to become an author?

I always knew I had a knack for writing, but never pursued anything in that field. While my husband was deployed overseas in 2011, I started delving into my writing skills. Using my 9 years of piano lessons, I started writing music and lyrics. The lyrics turned into poetry and the poetry turned into prose. I kept writing scenarios for stories and it all just clicked that maybe I could write a book.

2) How long did it take you to write Culture Shock from start to finish?

3 months for the actual creative part, but another year for the editing, querying, formatting, marketing, etc.

3) What was the most challenging part about writing Culture Shock?

The writing part seemed effortless to me. I loved when I could pop open my laptop and type away, entrenched in a world I created. The challenging part was learning the business end of being an author.

4) What are your writing goals for 2013?

I am currently working on the sequel, Shock Wave, the second book in the Culture Shock Series which will be out sometime in the fall. I’m also working on a gruesome short story.

5) Is Culture Shock part of a series or a stand-alone?

It’s a series of three books; Culture Shock, Shock Wave, and a third one to wrap it all up.

6) What is your editing process like?

First, I write the story without any editing. I like to keep my creative juices flowing without bringing in anything technical. Then I go back through the text myself and edit as much as possible. After that, I pick 2-3 beta readers to go through it. Finally, I have my editor comb through it with a fine tooth comb to weed out any issues. Between each reading from others, I am still proofreading and editing myself as well.

7) Are you working on something right now? If so, can you tell us more about it?

Shock Wave, the second book in the Culture Shock Series is another thrilling mystery mixed with romance and a whole bunch of supernatural. It takes place in Cedar Key, Florida, about an hour’s drive from the fictional town of Bougainvillea where Culture Shock takes place. Many of the same characters. It is a continuation of the first book with many more antics and danger lurking around every corner.
Good luck with Shock Wave!

About Culture Shock

CoverTitle: Culture Shock

Author: Jeanette Pekala

Genre: YA Paranormal

CULTURE SHOCK is a witty tale of mystery and romance with a large helping of southern hospitality.

Macy Holmes is a seventeen-year-old socially-isolated introvert since her best friend’s death a year ago. When her family decides to move from Manhattan to the quaint country town of Bougainvillea, Florida, Macy finds she’s in a completely different world. Macy is no longer the outsider hiding behind designer clothes when she is sought out by three strange students, one of whom she is particularly interested in. The more time she spends with Chad the more things don’t add up. When his true identity is finally revealed, Macy is pulled into a supernatural society with its saturation of inhabitants residing in Bougainvillea.

You would think she has enough on her plate, but no, then her dreams become infiltrated by an external magical force, Macy and her band of supernatural misfits must find the culprit behind the magic-induced nightmares. They must dodge zombie assassins, shifty shape-shifters and high school bullies in order to stop this perpetrator before Macy, her friends or her parents pay the ultimate price. Especially when Macy has the sneaking suspicion that these dreams are reality…

Author Bio

_DSC2162b&wAfter finishing her degree in Sociology from the University of Florida, Jeanette Pekala had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.

While her husband was deployed overseas, she focused on what she loved to do, write, where she has finally found an outlet for her overactive imagination.

She lives a not so normal life just a wee bit north of Bougainvillea where she resides with her husband and two children working on Shock Wave, book 2 in the Culture Shock Series.


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