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Weeking Writing Warriors (4)


This is the fourth time I’ll be participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. This time I’m hosting an excerpt from Andante (Allegro Academy #2), a YA Paranormal Mystery novel. Enjoy!

I open up the cover, and at the same time the candle blows out. The darkness around me is thick and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight. Footsteps resonate through the darkness, approaching me.

Blind panic takes hold of me. Clutching the book to my chest, I move backward, pinching my eyes to see anything – anything. A loud sound from behind me startles me. The door has slummed shut, blocking out the last rays of light, locking me inside the attic.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt! Feel free to link to your excerpt in the comments below – I’d love to read them!

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