Weekly Writing Goals

Wednesday Weekly Writing Goals (12)

Each week I write down my writing goals for the week on Wednesday is “Wednesday Weekly Writing Goals”. I talk about what goals I accomplished last week (if any) and my goals for the upcoming week.

Last week was pretty hectic, so I barely did any writing, hence this post will be pretty short. Here’s my list of goals for the week:

  1. Write first draft of House of Horrors (Weirdville #2). Current status: 0k/10-15k words.
  2. Write 6k in Andante (Allegro Academy #2). Current status: 52k/60-65k words. Ideally I’d like to finish this manuscript this week, but 6k is a more realistic goals.
  3. Finish the edits for Fractured (Mirrorland #1). This is due at the end of the month, but I want to wrap this up before so I can focus on the promotion for Valentina and the Haunted Mansion (which releases on May 20th).

Phew, that’s quite a few goals! What are your goals for this week?

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