Weekly Writing Goals #8

Each week, I write down my goals for the week, and scratch them off my list as I’ve achieved them. Last week I had a full writing schedule, and, surprise, surprise, of course I couldn’t do it all. But I did manage to do quite a few things off the list, so I’m happy. Here’s my list of goals from […]

Author Interview with Sally Dubats

I’m happy to host an interview with author Sally Dubats today. Sally is a YA fantasy author, and she’s currently touring her book Winter Shock. 1) When did you know you wanted to become an author? I don’t think there was a time when I wasn’t a writer. I spent a lot of time on other creative endeavors, and finally […]

Finding a Balance

It isn’t always easy to find a balance between studying, family, work, writing and what-not. However this isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve learned early on that more spare time doesn’t always mean more productivity, especially not when it comes to writing. When I only have one hour of spare time, I usually manage to cram a lot more in […]

Weekly Writing Goals #7

Each week, I write down my writing goals for the week and I take a look at what goals I managed to meet last week and which ones I didn’t. February was a bit dissapointing in terms of writing. Not a lot of inspiration, and I just got back into work for uni after exams, so I was trying to […]

10 Ways To Boost Your Productivity for Authors (Part Two)

Last week I talked about five productivity-boosting tips: keeping a planner, keeping a to-do-list, no distractions, no proofreads until after you’re finished with your first draft and writing an outline before you start writing. Today I’m going to give you five more productivity tips that’ll hopefully boost your writing. 6. Keep a record of your daily word count You’re probably […]

Weekend Writing Warriors (1)

I’m participating in Weekend Writing Warriors for the first time ever. Yay! I’m going to post a few sentences from my current work in progress, a middle grade short story for an anthology by Evolved Publishing coming up in March. Pip ducked just in time for a swirling fire bolt to race past her head. “Hey!” she yelled. “What were […]