Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday (4)

I’m participating in Six Sentence Sunday this week. I’m going to post a few sentences from my current work in progress, a YA paranormal romance novel titled The Unnaturals. This story is starting to come along great, and I’m excited to share part of it with you!

“If they file a warrant for missing persons tonight, could you tip the police that the Eilan Manor was the last place where I was seen alive?”
“Sure,” Jordan replies. “And I’ll dedicate a song to my poor friend Ethan, who got viciously murdered by his newest class mate slash Unnatural.”
“It makes me feel better to know I’ll be missed.”
“Hah.” Jordan grins and leans back in his seat. “I’ll come pick you up at six. You better wear some garlic. And bring a crucifix with you, for good measure.”

Please post a link to your six sentences below so I can visit your blog!

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