Monday Musings

Monday Musings #6

Every Monday, I post a quick recap of last week’s events on my blog.

  1. CampNaNo. I started on my Camp NaNo project, tentatively titled “Evermore”. I’ve only managed to finish the first chapter by now, and I’m at 4k words. But it’s a start. Even if I don’t win CampNaNo, although I’ll try to, I’ll at least have written something.
  2. Ghostslayer. I’ve managed to write till the end of chapter nine in Ghostslayer. I’ll start on chapter ten probably tomorrow. The total wordcount here is 53k now, and I estimate it’ll be another 20k before the end.
  3. YA Contemporary Thriller. I have a small secret YA contemporary thriller project I’ve been working on. I wrote 5k at the end of July for this due to a random burst of inspiration, but I’m shevling it until “Evermore” is finished.
  4. Editing. My critique partner for “Evermore” mailed me back chapter one with some great comments, so I’m in the middle of editing that. I’m also still working on editing Ghostslayer, and hoping to be done with the first round of edits for Ghostslayer by the end of September.

So, what have you been up to?

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